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Welcome to Our C.O.R.E.-Group website

CORE Group: An informal international research alliance with a common interest in the exceptionally 3D preserved 'Orsten' fossils from the Cambrian, founded in 2005. Our main issue is to concentrate expertise and interests on 'Orsten' type fossils and lagerstätten and related topics and to disseminate information on the 'Orsten'.

CORE: Stands for an excellent example of a fruitful alliance of Biology and Palaeontology in order to improve our understanding of animal evolution (Metazoa). Study objects of the CORE Group are in the main the 'Orsten' fossils themselves and the geology around the 'Orsten'.

'Orsten' fossils – mainly arthropods – have, not least due to their three-dimensional preservation of their bodies and appendages, opened a unique window into early life at the bottom of the Cambrian sea; a further advantage is the preservation of representatives of different evolutionary levels and even of developmental stages, permitting an exciting view into the life history of such old animals.

This also allows the study of the development of structures and structural systems (e.g. the feeding system) in an evolutionary context. And it permits direct comparisons between these exquisitely preserved fossil animals and their living counterparts/relatives and to discuss life habits and ecological aspects of these Cambrian forms.

Left: Preservation of complete animals and details. Right: Animals from sites around the world. For more pictures see our gallery (homepage left colum)

Relevance of 'Orsten' animals. Since these animals are witnesses of a life 520 to 500 million years ago and a direct evidence of truly existed morphologies, their study has aided in boosting our understanding of the early evolution and phylogeny of especially the Arthropoda and to understand more about functional aspects and evolutionary changes toward the modern taxa. 'Orsten' animals are the true database to test models and hypotheses, no matter if based on morphologies or so-called molecular data.

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to be expected in the near future: Paper on Paulinecaris siveterae and on Orsten crustacean larvae

January: Gerd Mayer, our Ulm team member defended his dissertation and is also a Dr. rer. nat. now


December: Dieter needs another radiation treatment

November: Fenja Haug is now our latest and youngest member, welcome on-board!

September: We are happy to welcome two new members: Huaqiao Zhang and Bo Wilhelm Rassmussen (see Member page and Addresses)

For more news of 2013 and before see our archive

March 12, 2010: Klaus Müller, discoverer of the Orsten, died

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