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Archive of our 'CORE' news


July: Christopher defended his thesis successfully
une: Orstenies became 3rd at the outdoor fistball tournament in Ulm
April: Dieter had again an operation trying to fight the cancer
April: Orstenies became 3rd at Burlafingen Indoors Fistball Tournament
March: long expected paper on appendages of Crustacea published, see list of references


Our good colleague from Sweden, Jan Bergströn passed away

October: Carolin got a girl, named Fenja, Jason's wife got a boy!
July: Orstenies became 2nd at Ulm fistball Schwörturnier
summer: Carolin and Joachim returned to Germany, now working in Greifswald
January: Orstenies became 7th at 13th Amateur fistball competition in Burlafingen
January: Joachim received his fourth scientific prize, the Hintel Prize of the Friends of the Zoological State Collections in Munich


Nov 18-29: Dieter and Gerd Mayer in Argentina on a conference on invaders
Nov 15: Two new colleagues joined in: Fredrik Terfelt and Mats Eriksson from Lund, Sweden
November: Dieter and Gerd Mayer joined a conference in Argentina and also visited the Iguazú waterfalls
September 11:
Joachim receives his third scientific prize, the Horst Wiehe Prize of the German Zoological Society DZG
July 16: Orstenies win the outdoor fistball tournament in Ulm
June 1: Carolin and Joachim Haug leave Ulm to continue their work at Yale university in the USA.
April 11: Carolin finishes her dissertation successfully
Article on Cambrian pentastomids published
March 11: Japan has its biggest earthquake, while Dieter is there on holidays, luckily he and our Japanese colleagues are fine


December: PALASS meeting, New papers out, see list of publications
November: New member: John Cunningham, Bristol, UK
September: Dieter hads a big heart operation: restoration of a valve
April 10: First place for Orstenies at Indoors Hobby Fistball Competition in Burlafingen
March 12: Klaus Müller, the discoverer of the Orsten died peacefully in his home in Bonn


December 24: 2 publications on nemathelminths from Australia out
December 13–15: Christopher and Andreas at the PALASS Meeting in Birminham, also David, Euan and Tom
December 10: Henningsmoenicaris accepted
December 1: Yu Liu starting his new job in Munich
November: Goticaris & Cambropachycope published
October 4–7: PalGes Ann. Meeting in Bonn incl. Klaus Müller Symposium, Klaus receiving Honorary membership, Joachim receiving Tilly-Edinger-Prize
September 25-28: DZG Ann. Meeting in Regensburg
September: Two new members: Tom Harvey from Leicester, UK, and Gengo Tanaka from Gunma, Japan
August: Joachim received the Rensch prize by the GfBS during its Annual Meeting in Leiden
July 21: Yu Liu passes his defence successfully and is a doctor now.
July 18: Our fistball tournament goes very well, good fights, but we finally make it only to the fifth rank.
June 29: Joachim Haug is back from a research visit in Canada and the States to look at some Burgess-Shale fossils. Together with Andreas Maas he was also attending the NAP conference in Cincinnati. Also Andreas returns safely home.
March 08: Christopher Castellani receives a 3-years support by the DFG for his Dissertation; the Orstenies become 3rd at the 10th Burlafingen Indoors Fistball competition
May/June: Joachim in Canada and in the USA to inspect Burgess fossils
April: Yu submits his dissertation thesis
February: Joachim's successfully defends his dissertation receiving the best mark "1 with summa cum laude"
January: We happily welcome Prof. Zhang from Kunming, China, in Ulm from January 11 – 27 to collaborate with him on an 'Orsten'-type fossil larva from the Lower Cambrian of China.
January: Carolin and Joachim Haug (and Gideon, of course) stay in London for 14 days on behalf of a SyntheSys grant to look at Lepidocaris material.


December: Christmas feast of the AG team ulm
November: Our application for a 3-years contract for Christopher has been approved
Oct. 30–Nov. 2: Martin Stein becomes a Dr. rer. nat., and Dieter could join the party in Uppsala; Joachim submits his doctoral thesis
October 27-30: Jean Vannier and David Casenove visiting Ulm, David also becomes a CORER
October: Christopher's contract ends; Yu Liu to Barcelona for 2 months doing research there; presentations of 'Orsten' data at the Crustacean Conference in Rostock
September 21: 2 new CORERs, Wolfgang Böckeler, Kiel, Germany and Jean Vannier, Lyon, France
August: Visit to the Bessy synchrotron in Berlin: Carolin, Carolin, Yu
July 2-5: Dieter again in hospital, being operated upon a lymph bladder near the urin bladder
June 30 – July 3: Andreas and Yu in Roscoff, France to collect live animals
April: Andreas finishes his habilitation, Joachim starts his new project, funded by the DFG
March 18–24: Jens Høeg visiting Dieter together with his wife
March 10-14: Jørgen Olesen from Copenhagen visiting the workgroup in Ulm
March 2: 'Orstenies' fistball team at the 8. "International" Hobby Fistball Competition in Burlafingen
February 13-18: Ulm CORERs in Berlin at the BESSY synchrotron to do research
January 27: Two new members: Liu Zheng, Bejing, China, & Jakob Vinther, New Haven, USA
January 12: Papers on a cycloneuralian and aspects of segmentation out. PDFs on request (see List of Papers)
January 8-10:
Martin Stein visits Ulm CORERs
January 6: Paper on 1. lobopodian in Orsten-type preservation out (see List of Papers)


December 21: Two new members! Mark Williams, Leicester, UK, and John Ahlgren, Mariestad, Sweden
December 17-19: Andreas, Christopher, Joachim and Yu attending the PALASS Meeting in Uppsala, Sweden
November 2: Christopher Castellani, France, joins the CORE group and also starts to work in the Ulm team for one year
October 26, 2007: Yu Liu returns from a one-month trip to Prof. Machida, Japan safely. Yu was studying the embryos of insects there
October 16-December 14: Dieter's radiation treatment
October 4:
paper on a Chinese eucrustacean published by NATURE. (see List of Papers)
Summer 2007:
Xiping Dong published his paper on an new Upper Cambrian skaracarid from China together with Ms. Liu (member since January 2008!)
March, 2007: MS on nemathelminth larva submitted; Gideon Haug joined in (no. 24)
February, 2007: Term end and back to our research
January, 2007: Georg Mayer has left Berlin to start a research job in Melbourne, Australia


December, 2006: David Siveter visits the Ulm team; joint paper by several CORE-Groupers out (see list of references)
November 28, 2006: Georg Mayer, Berlin, joined our C.O.R.E. group (no 23)
October 2006: Klaus Müller visits the C.O.R.E. members in Ulm
June 22, 2006: Michael Steiner, Berlin, joined our C.O.R.E group (no 22)
June 1, 2006: Liu Yu, doctorate student since April 1, joined in (no 21)
May 1, 2006: Nigel Hughes joined in, while visiting Dieter and the section in Ulm (no 20)
April 10, 2006: Carolin and Joachim Haug, doctorate students of ours, joined in (18, 19)
Feb 23, 2006: Joint paper by Donoghue et al. on Markuelia published and available as PDF on request
Feb 22, 2006: new website structure upladed

2005 and before

2005 summer: Ewa Olempska visits the Ulm team for first investigations of her Polish material. Together we doEwa Olempska visiting Ulm, Andreas Braun on right more SEM work on her material and also did some EDTA analyses of the shells of the phosphatoco-pines. After return to Poland, Ewa continues to search for more material.

Oelandocaris paper out, pdf available on request

2005 spring: foundation of the C.O.R.E. group, 17 members until summer; als establishment of a website fo eth CORE group; August: Invitation for Andreas Maas to the 4th International Congress on the Cambrian System in Nanjing, China to give a keynote lecture on the 'Orsten'; December: Submission of the first joint paper of our C.O.R.E. group based on the talk of the Nanjing meeting mentioned above

2004: Summer – Palaeontological field trip of Andreas Braun, Martin Stein and Dieter to the Isle of Öland and Västergötland, Sweden, collection at different sites, subsequent etching and picking in Bonn, discovery of about 60 new pentastomid specimens; first ideas of the foundation of an international research group arise

2003: Publication of the monograph on the Phosphatocopina (copy on request, no reprints since 202 pages); in February Klaus receives the Pander medal from the Pander Societly, the society of conodont workers

2001: Summer – Expedition of Andreas Braun and Dieter to Siberia, guided by two experienced Russian field geologists; collection of about 100 kg of Middle Cambrian rock material at the Korbusuonka, Olenek-River Region, near the Lena Delta. Expedition financed by Klaus Müller

2000: Invitation of Dieter to an honorary symposium in Kyoto, Japan, held on behalf of the Biology Prize given to Professor Harry Whittington (output published in 2003, pdf on request)

2000: Invitation of Dieter to give a keynote lecture at the 2nd International Zoological Congress in Athens, Greece (output published in 2003, pdf on request)

1999: Publication of a longer essay on crustacean phylogeny under an 'Orsten' perspective, pdf available on request (outcome of a keynote lecture at the 4rd International Crustacean Conference in Amsterdam, 1998)

1998: Transfer of the material to Ulm. Andreas Maas starts his work in the section, doing an SEM study of the larvae and phylogeny of Euphausiacea as his diploma thesis, subsequently switching to work on the 'Orsten' phosphatocopines (his PhD thesis)

1995: Dieter starts his work as a professor in Ulm, slowly continuing Orsten research

1994: Dieter's job in Bonn expires, he receives a substitute professorship in Kiel for one year. Klaus continues work on stuff in Bonn. Publication of several species of pentastomid parasites from the 'Orsten', pdf available on request

1993: Publication of the monograph on Rehbachiella kinnekullensis Müller, 1983 (reprint on request)

1990: Switch to Phylogenetic Systematics after Hennig & Ax. Publication on the first ever described stem crustaceans, identification of autapomorphies of Crusatcea s. l., introduction of the "proximal endite" story (refuted by Science, pdf available on request)

1988: Publication of the monograph on Bredocaris admirabilis Müller, 1983 (reprint on request)

1987: Publication of the monograph on the agnostid Agnostus pisiformis (Wahlenberg, 1818) (reprint on request)

1986: Travel of Dieter Waloszek, together with Raimond Below, Bonn, to Australia; collection of Middle Cambrian 'Orsten'-type material in the outback of the Northern Territory, Georgina Basin (see list of references); in spring 1986, Dieter travels to California to see Robert Hessler and William Newman at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

1985: Publication of the monograph on the Skaracarida jointly produced by Klaus and Dieter (our first monograph, reprint on request)

1983: Dieter's successful defence in February, followed by the official start of Dieter's collaboration in Bonn from March 01 onward; publication of 6 non-phosphatocopine crustaceans by Klaus (Dieter's research work during 1981); also Dieter's first child Sonja born in January

1982: Detailed work on the phosphatocopine Hesslandona unisulcata by Klaus, pdf available on request; Dieter starts again in Bonn in fall 82, first on a stduent assistent job because he has still to fonish and submit his thesis

1981: Dieter joins the 'Orsten' team in Bonn to help Klaus for 1 year; Klaus travels again to Sweden to collect more material, together with his assistant Raimond Below

"Pre-Dieter time" from 1980 – 1964: Klaus Müller's research activities

1979: Smaller reports of the finds and first detailed publication on the "soft parts" of phosphatocopines by Klaus, pdf available on request

1975: Discovery of the first phosphatocopine with preserved limbs by Klaus and his team (actually it was Helga Rehbach, his assistant)

1964: Klaus J. Müller, Bonn, describes the first phosphatocopines (only "shells") from Sweden and names the taxon

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